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Why hire a personal trainer?

A fitness trainer can help you achieve your goals. They are there to motivate you, guide you and help you to do your best, whether you are already fit, are just getting started, or have injuries that require extra attention. Having a trainer there to coach you is one of the best decisions you can make if you like the one on one personal attention provided by FitMix Trainers.

At Fitmix, all trainers are required to be certified, & insured. We pride ourselves in continuing education to always keep our workouts fun and results driven! We promise you won’t get bored, and just when you’re thinking “what will she/he make me do next,” we’ll surprise you with new routines all the time.

BootCamps, strength training, Pilates™, Barre Above™, yoga, cardio kickboxing, HIIT, Tabata Bootcamp™, outdoor training, endurance training (for runners etc) and even obstacle course prep are all different workout routines you will experience! A variation of all of these are offered in our group fitness classes, as well as with a personal trainer.

What to expect when working with a FitMix Trainer

This next part is very important to Melissa, the owner of Fitmix, as she has witnessed borderline recklessness by other trainers in the field. When you work with a certified trainer from FitMix, you will have their undivided attention on an individual basis. Even if you choose to have a couple friends in the same training session, each of you will get the attention you need. What you will not see is our trainer on a cell phone or chatting with someone other than the client/group he/she is working with.

It is important for a trainer to watch the clients form, to insure proper execution of the exercise and to ensure no injuries take place. This means you get one on one attention in your training session and our time is not divided between 5 other clients at the same time. The only exception is if you choose to have a partner or two in your private session with you.

We are serious about your health and fitness, So, if you’re ready to take your fitness level to a new and exciting place, contact FitMix Group Fitness and Personal Training today, to hire one of the most qualified trainers Valdosta has to offer!

Get More than Fit with FitMix!