FitMix Group Fitness in Valdosta Ga

Fit Mix is a group fitness facility now, but it began as a class only. Within the FitMix class format is a unique blend of Body Sculpting, Kickboxing , Barre Above, Pilates, Tabata, and Yoga. The Fitmix program is designed for clients to take 3-4 classes per week for maximum results. The classes are broken down by body part rather than by class type, to give you the convenience and affordability of a group class but with the benefits of personal training. You can look at the current fitness class schedule here.

For example, in our Monday class we train legs! After warming up with standard warm up moves and cardio kickboxing, we move on to the body sculpting portion. Body sculpting consists of bodyweight and/or weighted (dumbbells ,kettle bells, body bars are used) squats, lunges, step-ups, etc. Every move possible to hit all of your leg muscles to tone fully. Then we opt for more mobility and control type moves,  which are found in Pilates and Barre.  In this portion of the class we will use bodyweight, weights, bands or ball resistance. The moves are more slow and controlled in Pilates to force your core to work hard to keep you in alignment. The idea is for “your upper body to not know what your lower body is doing” or if your left side is moving your right side should remain stable. Barre is much like Pilates except for the addition of actual ballet inspired moves.  We move with control and grace to keep our core engaged throughout this portion of the class. Over time your core will be so conditioned to stabilize,  you will find your posture is better at all times! This benefit is crucial to assist in a flatter stomach and  more confident stance altogether. Now onto our cool down/flexibility portion of class. This yoga inspired segment helps you stretch and bend in ways to keep soreness away- well somewhat- and encourage flexibility.  We also incorporate balancing poses as well to further challenge your core and assist in good posture. This should give you an idea of what to expect from a regular leg day at FitMix. We always add in “ab-breaks” and “cardio blasts” to each class as well to give you a well-rounded workout. FitMix truly is a fitness ‘mix’ of it all!

On our typical upper body day, and 2nd workout of the week, we break the class down to hit all major upper body muscles. This includes chest, triceps, back, biceps, and shoulders, as well as core! After a  cardio kickboxing warm up- using punches, jabs, hooks, uppercuts, and cross punches- your arms and shoulders are ready to work! Depending on the class, we will use either body weight or weighted exercises to perform during our body sculpting portion.  As in personal training, we will do 3-4 exercises for each muscle worked to ensure everything has been worked effectively. Moving on to our Pilates portion we slow down the moves and use bodyweight, stability or small balls, and bands to make you more aware of the place you should be feeling the move. Of course we will also incorporate core and cardio through Tabata or HIIT. We will wrap up the workout  with stretching and breathing exercises to calm muscle tension and slow down heart rates  to close out the class and dismiss.

Bottoms Up is our mid-week class, which is subject to change depending upon participation. This class is all about your booty so all exercises will target your derrière!  Everyone likes a firm and lifted backside so all of the exercises are focused solely on that area. We have practiced most every exercise out there and have found the safest and most effective booty builders there are and put it in the Bottoms UP MIX!

Our final workout of the week is composed of compound moves for both upper and lower body to blast calories. By making the final day of the week full body, we can insure you have hit each muscle group at least twice, which is recommended in personal training. By working the entire body, you burn more calories as the body is sending energy in all directions at once! Muscle confusion helps burn maximum calories so this training will have your heart pumping and fat crying! For the best results possible, take all classes during your desired time slot. If you need a back up time though, feel free to jump into any of our classes when you have a schedule change with work or kids.

FitMix Group Fitness and Personal Training is here to get you the body you’ve always wanted!